My Diabetic Meal

The three leading diabetes types are Diabetes type 1, Diabetes type 2 and gestational Diabetes. In a non-diabetic, the pancreas produces the hormone insulin which enables the body to use […]

  If you have diabetes, there is only one answer you want to know, and that is the possible diabetes cure. So can diabetes be cured? If people can get […]

Diabetes is very common in your society today. It is spreading like wildfire because of poor lifestyle and eating habit. The lack of awareness among our society makes it hard […]

Diabetes and Foot – No doubts that the number one cause of neuropathy in developing countries is diabetes. The most common source of complications and mortality in diabetes patients is […]

When you are diabetic, you will face few diabetes foot problems. This is especially when your blood sugar level stays high. Below are some common diabetes foot problems. Corns and […]

Diabetes mellitus is a disease when the body cannot regulate sufficient level of sugar in the blood, thus resulting in high blood sugar level. Most people around the world infected […]

Tighter control of blood sugar balanced in people with diabetes through proper diabetes meal may cut the risk of heart problems, a study says. People with type 2 diabetes tend […]

Our lifestyle now and the food we eat lead us to a serious problem, DIABETIC. The number of a person with diabetic keeps increasing every year worldwide. Without knowledge, we […]

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