Avoid Salty Food if You Have Diabetes, Why?

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Salty food

Are you suffering from diabetes? If you do, then you really have to watch out for your diet and meals. Diabetes is all about maintaining a normal blood sugar level. Therefore if you can change your eating habit, you should be able to enjoy a normal life.

If you are new to diabetes, first you must seek for dietitian or nutritionist for advice. These people are qualified and well experienced that can help you with proper diabetic meals. Usually, they will advise their patients on the foods portions and the sufficient amount of carbs in every meal. They will test and recommend the best foods option for you.

Being new to a person with diabetes, you should learn to adopt this new habit. It is not easy in the beginning especially to get rid of your favourite foods. It takes time and practice but eventually you will be ok.

Salty food is something that you really have to focus on from now onward. Even though salty food has no impact on diabetes patient, but it can cause high blood pressure. You should know by now that high blood pressure is very common among diabetic people.

You may reduce the use of salt by replacing it with non-sodium or low sodium salt. Besides that you should also avoid canned foods, chips or conserved meat products. These foods contain the high level of salt.

Avoid dairy products, butter and solid vegetable fats, because they have saturated fats. Always choose low-fat or non-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt. Avoid fried foods, choose to boil, bake or simply broil it.

Always maintain an ideal weight. By all means, exercise a lot and monitor your diet carefully. 10 to 15 minutes walk or jog every morning or evening can burn your cholesterol amazingly. When you maintain an ideal weight, you maintain your health as well.

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