Diabetes and foot care

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diabetes and foot care
diabetes and foot care

Diabetes and Foot – No doubts that the number one cause of neuropathy in developing countries is diabetes. The most common source of complications and mortality in diabetes patients is the nerve damage.

The symptoms of nerve damage around the feet area are that the patient will complain numbness or pins and needles. One should take proper foot care to prevent ulcers, foot infections and amputation.

Monofilament test should be conducted by a doctor to assess the risk of neuropathy on foot and provide advice on precautionary methods. Patients with an inability to detect pressure from such a filament have been shown to have a five-fold increased risk of foot ulceration.

To ensure healthy nerves, Alpha Lipoic Acid should be used as antioxidant. This is because oxidative stress is one of the main cause complications in diabetes.

This is how you can protect your feet:

Check your feet daily

Stay alert all the time. Look for red areas and blisters. See your doctor if you find any problem. Do not wait until it is too late, trust me you will never like it.

Always wear shoes!

Wear shoes all the time. Make sure it fits well and not too tight. When you are at home, wear slipper. You have to make sure that your feet are protected all the time.

Keep your skin clean and soft.

Wash and clean your feet regularly. Use warm water and soap but never use the brush to brush your feet. You can hurt your feet unintentionally. Make sure, dry your feet well after wash. Do not leave any part unclean, remember that.

Don’t hurt yourself with nail clippers or razors

Always take extra care when you cut your fingernails or when you use a razor blade. Do not hurt yourself.

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