How to cut the Diabetes Heart Risk

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Diabetes Heart Risk
Diabetes Heart Risk

Tighter control of blood sugar balanced in people with diabetes through proper diabetes meal may cut the risk of heart problems, a study says. People with type 2 diabetes tend to have a glucose level above average despite the medication they are given.

We know that people with diabetes must control their diet so that the blood sugar levels are in control. But too much control can be dangerous in particular among the elderly. When the sugar levels are too low in the blood, someone can become dizzy. In worst scenario may cause faint or coma.

The Cambridge university researchers suggest that the benefits of tight sugar control be revised because more people with diabetes are now exposed to heart risk. They suggest that the proper blood sugar level should be around 7% mark. For healthy people, the common level is between 4% to 5% mark. 6.6% is a good blood sugar levels. That helps to reduce heart disease by 15%.

Lifestyle changes

The researchers said the conclusions would mean that for every 200 people treated for five years, three lives would be protected from heart attacks.

The results also revealed that previously no one realized that too much sugar control could cause heart problems. The doctors are unsure what are the sufficient levels of sugar in the blood that can benefit the heart as well.

Even though further research need to be conducted but the preliminary result has clearly shown that low blood sugar level not necessarily can improve health. What can be learned from this study is that continuous improvement of glucose levels need to be done by lifestyle changes as well as medication.

People with diabetes are advice to work towards keeping their blood sugar levels within the range as recommended by their doctors. This is, of course, can be done with proper diabetic food guidance.

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