If you have diabetes keep your feet and skin healthy

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diabetes keep your feet and skin healthy
Diabetes and Feet

When you have diabetes, you must maintain cleanliness of your feet and skin all the time. Your body is so sensitive that you cannot even scratch your skin. If you cut yourself and cause bleeding or you scratch yourself too much until blood comes out will expose your body to danger. The healing process is too slow.

Follow a healthy diet plan as instructed by your doctor. Check your feet now and then for blisters, sores, cuts, swelling, redness or anything suspicious. Brush your teeth every day.

How can diabetes harm you feet?
High glucose levels in your blood can cause two things:

  1. Nerve damage – Nerves around your legs and feet will be badly damaged. It causes numbness that you cannot feel any pain, itchy, cold or heat in your legs and feet. When you have cut around that area, you don’t feel it. It may cause infection and sore. This lack of response is caused by nerve damage, also called diabetic neuropathy.
  2. Poor blood flow – poor blood circulation to your legs and feet makes harder for a sore or infection to heal. If you are a heavy smoker can cause this problem even worse.

These two problems can work together to cause a foot problem.

For instance, When you wear shoes that don’t fit your feet may cause blister. Because of damaged tissues at your feet area, you don’t feel the pain, and you are not aware of it. A few days later your blister got infected. Due to the high level of glucose in the blood, the extra glucose feeds the bacteria. Your infection gets worse and worse. The healing process becomes too slow. The skin tissue dies, and the area becomes black and smelly.

Usually, to prevent gangrene from getting worse, a doctor has to cut off a toe, foot or part of the leg. This procedure is known as amputation.

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