Lists of Diabetic Foods for Your Guideline

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Diabetic Foods for Your Guideline
Diabetic Foods for Your Guideline

Diabetes is very common in your society today. It is spreading like wildfire because of poor lifestyle and eating habit. The lack of awareness among our society makes it hard to curb this disease especially the type of diabetic foods that can be taken and diabetic food that cannot be taken.

Below I’m giving some guidelines on what types of diabetic meals that can regularly be taken and those that cannot be taken.

Diabetic foods that should be avoided

  1. Sugar, honey and artificial sweetener. You will not be able to stop immediately. What you can do is to reduce the intake gradually until you can live without it. Or to get a faster result, you can go “cold turkey” and stop at once. This is just like when you make a sudden quit from something you are addicted to like smoking.
  2. All types of sweets and chocolates including those labeled with sugar-free.
  3. Starchy veggies like potatoes. Potatoes contain very high starch and really not suitable for those with diabetes. Those foods that also contain high starch and should also be avoided if possible are carrots, peas, beans and et cetera.
  4. Milk (you may drink small portion only)
  5. Cottage (small amount is ok)
  6. Be careful of fast foods, snack foods, and commercially packaged foods especially those advertised on TV.
  7. Any fruit juices that contain high carbs. Plain water is the best for you.

Foods that you can take

1. All types of meats like lamb, beef, pork, etc
2. Organ meats such as kidneys, liver, and heart that contain vitamins and minerals for your body.
3. Fish and sea foods
4. All poultry like chicken, goose, duck, turkey etc.
5 The egg is also good but avoids taking omega-3 eggs that are too much acidic.
6. Cheese, butter and cream
7. Natural full-fat yogurt
8. Vegetables, fruits, and soy products

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