What are the Common Diabetes Foot Problems?

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diabetes foot problems
diabetes foot problems

When you are diabetic, you will face few diabetes foot problems. This is especially when your blood sugar level stays high. Below are some common diabetes foot problems.

Corns and calluses – Due to too much rubbing or pressure on the same spot will cause the skin to be thickened. This may result in thick layers and can cause infection.

Blisters – This happens when wearing tight shoes or wearing shoes without stockings. Blisters are painful and can become infected.

Ingrown toenails – this is when the edge of your nail grows into your skin. When you cut your toenails, be sure that you trim them, make them smooth with an emery board. Check carefully if there are any sharp toenails. Ingrown toenails can cause redness and infection.

A bunion – This forms when your big toe slants near the small toes and the place between the bones toward the base of your big toe grow big. This spot can get red, sore, and infected. Bunions can work on one or both feet. Pointy shoes may cause bunions. Bunions often run in the family. Surgery can remove bunions.

Plantar warts – a virus causes them. Warts usually form on the undersides of the feet.

Hammertoes – when your foot muscles are too weak due to nerve damage, your tendons in the foot become shorter and makes the toes curl under the feet. The bottom of your feet gets sores as well as the top of your toes. You can have difficulty to walk and looking for the right shoes.

Dry and cracked skin – Due to nerve damage, your legs and feet fail to get the right message to keep skin soft and moist. When your skin is too dry and cracked, will cause germs to enter. Furthermore, if your glucose level is high can make things worse.

Athlete’s foot – this is a fungus that caused redness and cracking around your skin. It is itchy. When you scratch it and bleed, the worse thing can happen. It can cause infection and can spread to toenails. The color of the toenails can turn into yellow and very hard to cut.

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