What is Diabetes Mellitus ?

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Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a disease when the body cannot regulate sufficient level of sugar in the blood, thus resulting in high blood sugar level. Most people around the world infected by this disease is increasing rapidly, and this is very scary. This is related closely to our lifestyle nowadays and the lack of awareness in our society.

In normal body condition, our blood sugar level is regulated by insulin and some other body hormones. Pancreas produce the insulin and allow glucose to travel from the blood into muscle, liver and fat cells where it acts as fuel. When we exercise a lot our body burns the fat.

People that have diabetes are either cannot produce enoug insulin (diabetes type 1) or the body fails to use the used insulin properly (diabetes type 2). As a result, glucose stays in the blood and fails to enter the body cells. Therefore, the body cells are in danger and can be damaged because they need the glucose for fuel. Besides, our tissues also can be damaged due to excess level of sugar in the blood.

Some people have no sign of diabetes at all and this is very dangerous. When detected in the later stage, that can be too late. One way to find out early is to measure the blood sugar level after fasting of at least 8 hours. Your doctor should be able to help. 126mg/dl is considered high and it is recommended that you go for further check-up and follow-up if you have this reading.

Somehow, any abnormality to your glucose level cannot be guaranteed as diabetes in one single test. Some people with high initial reading, after 2 or 3 months later, the reading will be back to normal.
If you are in the beginning stage of diabetes, you must pay attention to your diet. You must maintain the recommended weight and exercise a lot. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and believe me, you can fight this disease. Do not wait until everything is too late.

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